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Project Description

Monterey Hills Redevelopment, Los Angeles, CA

The Monterey Hills Redevelopment Project, which was accomplished in cooperation with the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, principal thrust was the development of a well planned residential community that provides a variety of housing opportunities for families and individuals from all income levels and the preservation of the physical integrity and topography of the site. The project situated on 211 acres of land included the development of 1,781 dwelling units within 19 different complexes (of this total, 570 units are deed and income restricted: 370 are affordable to very low-income, 111 affordable to low-income, 89 affordable to moderate-income; and 40 are affordable owner occupied condominium units), along with office, a 125 unit assisted care facility and a neighborhood shopping center.

  • Units: 1,781
  • Address: Via Marisol, Los Angeles, CA